Can you spend some time for me ? 🖤

Hi human beings (just because no other animals are supposed to read my blog)

To be very honest I haven’t read any blogs of my kind (what I’m up to ) and I’m pretty sure that I’m not well aware about how they actually looks. So if you feel like shit , just dn’t read . That’s fine. let me introduce myself. I’m a 17 year old girl with a quiet not so bad mindset I guess. Ok I dn’t want to exhibit myself before you. So let me give you some glimpses of who I’m on the way. I just started a blog not because I was longing to do so.I actually do things based on my 2 or 3 minute before thoughts. I’m such a mood swingy kid . I used to write diaries before . I mean I used to start writing diaries. But I couldn’t keep that because diary is something which is not affordable for my lameness. Writing your mind out is great as laughing your ass out. I love writing. You will be thinking ‘ ok if you love writing , write on a paper why blogs ? ‘ good question dears. But unfortunately I’m a person suffering from badhandwritomania . So blogging helps . Dn’t they !So if I’m writing on a paper I’m not sure to what extent people could grasp the content. Many thoughts are accumulated in my mind like a drainage system. So better I vomit them out or have a brain explosion. Now the whole world is stuck in the outbreak of a pandemic. Do you wanna know her good name. Yeah She is Corona from China. Very honestly she is the one who forced me to write. Due to her outbreak as many other countries India is under lockdown for 21 days as declared but seems like must accept some more self quarantine days ahead. At such a situation obviously people tends to rebuild their creativity. And that’s why I’m here. Ok the main highlight of my nature is that I’m an ambivert. Actually I’m not that sure if I’m an ambivert or not. I have been following some introvert meme pages on Instagram and to my surprise most of the posts were too relatable. But actually I’m not an introvert. The interesting thing is that you can see me in a gang without uttering a word even questioning my existence and at the same time you can see me in a gang chilling out with huge screams.So basically it’s all about who I’m with. I must say something about my friends.Right? I have many best friends but not a best friend. You get me ?! Because all the friends of mine will definitely have another person who they can choose over me. Kind of disastrous.But not disappointing.Okay . In case if someone accidentally or intentionally is reading my blog I hope you could see me through my words. So clearly I don’t wanna play a radio thing but a telephone thing. Which means your responses means a lot .Makes sense ? Please put forward ideas, questions etc. etc….

6 thoughts on “Can you spend some time for me ? 🖤

  1. Go girl!
    We all opened a blog for these reasons, more or less, and then our blogs found their way… Our way!
    I didn’t start with a foodblog but it is where my first blog brought me with time!
    Good luck!

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